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A word to spread in today’s world: Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a new word I recently came across, and never heard of before. A word I would love to spread in today’s world, during this difficult moment we are globally living, for the very first time in our lives.…

Your swimsuit season starts now

a beautiful cove with crystal clear sea water, surrounded by rocks in Sardinia

Get ready for the swimsuit season with the sport-oriented events in Costa Smeralda! Against all odds, human beings strive for happiness. We are currently living a worldwide moment of uncertainty, but I believe our souls tell us to hang on,…

Discovering cantu a tenore

Sardegnabella, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

In the magic Island of Sardegna there is an incredible musical style unknown to the majority of the world. describing music often ends up as references to other music, but that style, cantu a tenòre, sounds like a sort of…

A fresh start for 2019

blossoming calla flowers in the garden of a villa in Costa Smeralda, Sardinia

2019 has begun and MyEstate has been working on new services to offer to its customers First warm afternoons, sunset a bit later every day and that fresh smell in the air…. it is undeniable, spring is about to settle…

On the move

a living room with crystal dining table, light curtains and classy furniture in a Sardinian home

Changing home can be extremely exciting, moving to another destination is thrilling, but let’s face it, we all get scared wen it’s time to pack all our things … We all end up accumulating a lot of things, and when…

Kingsley footwear

a silver leather boot by Kingsley footwear

One of the aspect of my job that I deeply love is the fact that it’s never the same routine, day after day. Every morning there is something unexpected and new that waits for me. A few months ago I…

Rembrandt in Porto Cervo

a unique exhibition of original engravings from Rembrandt and some modern paintings inspired by his work.