Your swimsuit season starts now

Get ready for the swimsuit season with the sport-oriented events in Costa Smeralda!

Against all odds, human beings strive for happiness. We are currently living a worldwide moment of uncertainty, but I believe our souls tell us to hang on, react and get better.

We want to live carefree, have a flawless summer, and enjoy an holiday to be remembered.

This is why I am boosting positiveness, together with awareness and a hint of evergreen intelligence. We all need to get back to our beloved regular life and start planning again.

Planning small, like a night out with friends, or bigger, like where you want to spend this coming summer.

And yes, Italy is still a safe place to go! It’s a marvellous drama-filled country that will steal your heart and make you feel at ease.

I deeply appreciated the decision of the Costa Smeralda together with Arzachena Municipality to organise and host a double triathlon event at the beginning of the season, May 30th and 31st, 2020.

Great because we all love to do sport in a seaside town like Cannigione, where the event are being held. Awesome because health is a top interest almost everywhere. And amazing because sport has the power to unite people, no matter the colour or the gender.

Not to mention the fact that Sardegna in spring is something that you need to see once in your life, even if you have been here before, in hot summer. There is nothing like blossomed wild fields and empty beaches in springtime.

We are sure you will find the strength to overcome your fears! Let’s meet in Sardegna soon.

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