The future depends on what we do in the present

The future depends on what we do in the present, reads one of the most famous quotations of Mr Gandhi. And now more than ever before, I find it true.

At a stone’s throw from Summer 2020, we still are living in the deepest uncertainty fro the professional and private point of view.

We lived, basically in the whole earth, a couple of isolated months. We have checked figures and tried to keep our physical and mental health safe.

Being a supplier of bespoke services, I rely on people coming to Sardegna for their holidays. And at the time being I still do not know if my customers will be able to come. They are mainly coming from abroad, and travelling here will be not easy.

But I have a lot of positive vibes to share, nevertheless.

People who know me have learned I do not easily give up, and if I set my mind on something I do not give up until I achieve it. I believe that in all this sad and terrible nightmare, we can find some strength. We can resiliently fight, now harder than ever, to turn things in a better way.

All my customers and friends have asked me, how summer 2020 is going to be. Will shops, restaurants and beaches be accessible? And how? What air carriers will connect Sardinia?

I do not have a crystal ball to give you, now, all these answers. What I can grant is that I have been working hard, alone and with other people, to get as ready as possible. In compliance with all the safety rules needed.

In order to make at ease the customers that are willing to enjoy this safe place and their properties, I am preparing a list of open activities in Porto Cervo area. Who is going to work and a what kind of dedicated services they have come up with for the summer.

The future depends on what we do in the present, and I am willing to work on present to try to have a better future for us all.