About MyEstate

MyEstate is an Estate Management Services Company born and based in Costa Smeralda.

It all began with the need of a North-European client who just bought an estate and needed some help to run it smoothly.

Almost two decades later, we have grown into a company that can serve multiple clients and satisfy their needs.

We combine the work of a private assistant, a dedicated reliable person, and a house manager altogether, with an accomplished knowledge of luxury, real estate, and the holiday industry.

Claudia Vanini, MyEstate owner, is a positive and proactive person who has always based her work on respect and loyalty towards her customers.

Born in Como, Northern Italy, she traveled for a long time before bringing her experience to Sardegna, where she moved and got married.

She fluently speaks four languages (English, French, German, and Spanish), has a natural attitude to customer satisfaction, and has no problem being hands-on when needed.

Claudia has always had a keen attention to detail and since 2007 has always striven for improving her know-how and expertise.

Her long-time clients like to say about her that she’s a smooth operator, she always has a smile on her face, and does everything with passion.

As a customer once said:

Claudia, you are not stubborn, you are simply extremely driven!