a large living room of a villa in Costa Smeralda, with reeds decorating the ceiling, a very long dark sofas and white walls with big curved windows

Top reasons to hire MyEstate

There are several reasons why choosing MyEstate can be an added value to your Sardinian home and to your precious holiday time.

You want to seriously think about MyEstate if:

  • You live far enough from Sardegna so it’s money and time-consuming getting to your house to check it as often as you would like to
  • You prefer to have a property management company that takes care of everything, allowing you to enjoy 100% of your free time with family and friends
  • You do not want to get tangled in Italian bureaucracy and get stressed by dealing with it.
  • You look for someone to trust on site that has the skills to do all it takes for your property and for you, having the fridge full of goodies or a well-planned surprise party for your wife’s birthday.

Customers’ Testimonials

Dear Claudia, thank you so much for preparing the house in all details. It felt like coming home after a while but without having to worry for anything… only time to enjoy.

Ms. Kristina Germany

Dear Claudia, first I wanted to say thank you for preparing the house, the flowers… just everything! It made it for me much easier and more joyful to arrive.

Mr. Saud UAE

Well-connected and resourceful. Very friendly personality. And multilingual, which is a big plus. We engaged MyEstate at first via remote means only. Met in person for 1st time 12 months later. Never regretted to have engaged them for our beloved Sardegna home.

Mrs. Joyce Singapore