architectural details with eclectic stained windows, white walls and arches leading to a living room

Costs and Savings

MyEstate’s philosophy is a transparent and simple one: we go above and beyond to deliver quality and reduce costs.

As unusual as it might sound, any saving goes directly to you. We do not like unpleasant surprises; our policy is to avoid extra hidden costs or unjustified additional percentages on any quote.

This means that going through MyEstate for any service will provide not only peace of mind and warranty of a good service, but also a fair price for the works rendered.

This is another reason why you should choose MyEstate: it’s not an expense, but the best investment to have a pristine property, a happy holiday, and a luxury affordable service.

If you wonder how much MyEstate costs, rest reassured: we tend to be extremely flexible. We like to talk through your needs and together we can tailor the right solution for you.

It can be a set hourly rate for on-call jobs, especially to get to know each other better; a monthly forfait for regular yearly services, that we list in our management agreement, or even a percentage on the project being executed, should you choose MyEstate to follow on your behalf a big project of a renovation.

Customers’ Testimonials

Dear Claudia, thank you so much for preparing the house in all details. It felt like coming home after a while but without having to worry for anything… only time to enjoy.

Ms. Kristina Germany

Dear Claudia, first I wanted to say thank you for preparing the house, the flowers… just everything! It made it for me much easier and more joyful to arrive.

Mr. Saud UAE

Well-connected and resourceful. Very friendly personality. And multilingual, which is a big plus. We engaged MyEstate at first via remote means only. Met in person for 1st time 12 months later. Never regretted to have engaged them for our beloved Sardegna home.

Mrs. Joyce Singapore