A word to spread in today’s world: Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a new word I recently came across, and never heard of before.

A word I would love to spread in today’s world, during this difficult moment we are globally living, for the very first time in our lives.

It’s a south African word literally meaning “humanity”. But ubuntu is so much more than that, it’s a lifestyle that teaches us that a person is a person only through other persons.

You can be a real and true human only through relationships with others.

I discovered it listening to Nelson Mandela and Barrack Obama speeches, amongst others.

It’s a positive celebration of human uniqueness: i need you in order for me to be me. And considering what is happening in the whole world right now, we probably should consider spreading ubuntu.

In the past 3 weeks our whole life has gone upside-down: not able to move, meet people and do ordinary things like shaking hands.

Not only our habits, but also basic behaviors and relationships are drastically changing. In some cases, these changes will affect also our post-covid life for good.

But there is another spread, a positive one, that has found space in this uncertainty. People are being kind, are helping others in need, are sharing with those who have less.

I saw a picture of a man in the desert streets of Naples, southern Italy, carrying a basket and a sing sticking out of it.

The sign read “chi ha metta, chi non ha prenda”. Which sounds something like: if you have, donate; if you need, please take.

An extremely caring and selfless gesture that says a lot and teaches us something outstanding. We are, after all, human beings, no matter color or religion or wealth. And as such, we need the others to be ourselves through relationships.

Ubuntu is being loyal and caring towards people, a great lesson we are learning on our skin.  Let’s spread the word in the outer world!