Kingsley footwear

One of the aspect of my job that I deeply love is the fact that it’s never the same routine, day after day. Every morning there is something unexpected and new that waits for me.

A few months ago I had the chance to meet the owner of Kingsley, a booming company based in the Netherlands and exporting world wide.

The company started with the production of riding items, such as boots and saddles. The success was so great that they recently decided to approach the fashion market and in particular the Italian clientele.

I found the project extremely interesting and innovative, in particular for the “configurator”, a custom made software that allows you to choose amongst numberless different types of leather colors and finishings.

I am planning to visit the factory and learn more about this project, so stay tuned to know what’s the newest trend in sport shoes!

Here are some further details about the company:

Kinglsey puts a lot of effort in projects to develop better and newer models. Designing your own boots with use of our 3D-configurator is a great example of the innovative nature that Kingsley adds to the market. The Kingsley riding boots, short boots, jodhpurs and sneakers all are modern products with traditional roots.

Kingsley only uses materials of the highest possible quality. The types of leather and the accessories are carefully selected, a process in which special attention is paid to the thickness and quality of the leather. Hence, Kingsley makes use of the best calfskin and develops boots and shoes with a perfect balance between durability and comfort. All products are handmade.

The soles used in the manufacturing process are exclusively Vibram-soles. This manufacturer has been making soles of the highest quality for over seventy years. The Italian brand mainly focuses on mountaineering, where a sturdy and durable sole are extremely important. Besides this, Vibram continuously looks to develop and improve its product.