Winter experiences in Sardegna

The season is over, guests are back to their regular life and summer in Sardinia is a faded memory ….. I often get phone calls from my clients asking “what do you do in Sardinia in winter? it must be boring to death..”

Well, not really.

Some days ago, for instance, we took part in the opening of a brand-new adventure park named La Contea Di Rena. An amazing alternative to the sea life on the island, both in summer and winter.

This place, literally carved in the natural rocks of North Sardinia, is the only Italian climbing park 100% on rock. It also features a Tibetan bridge and a zip line.

I experienced the whole path, on a wonderful sunny December day, like the ones we are used to enjoying in Sardinia. It has been epic, I met a lot of people and felt extremely proud of myself at the end of the day!

This is one amongst other activities I love to live off-season, both for my personal pleasure and because it’s part of my job. I feel I have to try experiences personally, so as to better advise my customers when giving suggestions.

I will be writing shortly about other experiences in one of the most incredible places on the planet…