On the move

Changing home can be extremely exciting, moving to another destination is thrilling, but let’s face it, we all get scared wen it’s time to pack all our things …

We all end up accumulating a lot of things, and when it’s time to empty the cupboards and efficiently pack every item, well, it looks like apocalypse is about to begin.

It gets even worse when all your belongings need to be shipped, including furniture and heavy things: safe packing is essential, and you do not always have the strengths, the time or the know how to do it at its best.

I know it myself, when I was younger I used to move often and packing had become a sort of sport for me!

With years of experience in the estate management and problem solving fields, I can arrange and supervise every detail of the project, from carefully wrapping all crystal golden ringed glasses inherited from Grandma to having furniture loaded on the dedicated truck, managing required insurances, filling custom documents when needed.

Needless to say, I will be of help in having the house cleaned before and after the whole move, eventually furniture set and welcome flowers on the table before your arrival.

MyEstate is able to deliver a flawless service; I will be the sole reference person for all the phases of the whole process, so you do not need to make 5 different phone calls in a row to be updated.

You only need to grab a chair in your new house and wait for all your precious belongings to arrive  safe and sound!