A fresh start for 2019

2019 has begun and MyEstate has been working on new services to offer to its customers

First warm afternoons, sunset a bit later every day and that fresh smell in the air…. it is undeniable, spring is about to settle in and we all are waiting for it!

When weather changes for the better, we all get that feeling that turns eventually into the need to go shopping a pastel shirt, the momentum to dare with a new haircut or the desire to do some refurbishment in your house.

MyEstate is absolutely familiar with this feeling, as this is the time of the year when we like to set houses in pristine shape. Water conditions are ideal and there still is little crowd around, so making some noise would not upset anyone. In addition to that, you can probably still close good deals and the manpower is not too busy, which is a really important point.

It is not always easy to take care of details when you are a couple of flights away, though, and getting there to do it yourself would cost you twice as much, not taking into consideration the fact that you do not even have the time to arrange it. This is why MyEstate is ready to suggest, assist and supervise all the steps of the work you wish to do in your house. No need to say, every little change or decision made is always in compliance with the owner will and taste-

Be it a new sofa or just a few different colors on the house walls, there are many ways, not necessary all expensive, to renovate and stage your property. MyEstate would be glad to offer its advices and services to help you do it in your holiday home in Sardinia. Feel free to get in touch for a tailored estimate free of charge!