Definition of Luxury

According to the Coliins English Dictionary,  “luxury is something expensive which is not necessary but which gives you pleasure” but also  “the unusual intellectual or emotional pleasure or comfort derived from some specified thing

Back in the fab days, when Costa Smeralda was born, luxury meant living an exclusive life barefoot, without the need of showing off; a real gentleman was used to conduct a life of understatement, aware that he could afford pretty much anything he would care to have.

When talking to habitués of the Costa Smeralda, they point out that have radically changed in these 50 years. Luxury is no longer an object, a statement that you can boast with friends; it’s some added value, something quite transcendent that you can hardly get, even if you have an awful lot of money to spend on.

I believe luxury living means master your own time doing the things that give you pleasure when you want; an unexpected walk by the sea, a carefree alfresco dining with some good friends, great food and excellent wine, time off in the middle of the day to go surfing.

I recently read a very inspiring article saying, that the utmost luxury is being able to enjoy your free time while someone else is in charge of taking pictures for you…

Here is food for thought: what is your most valuable luxury?