House services

Over more than ten years of property management, one of the most common FAQ has been, what services is MyEstate able to offer. We have prepared the following list in order to give our new customers a first glance of the services we more often are asked to perform:

Property check

Your property will be carefully checked when vacant following frequency and specific requests agreed with customer; contractors find and supervising, interior design, as well as regular garden and pool maintenance all falls under our service list.

Administration & mail service

MyEstate manages regular mail as well as bills, utilities, condo or Consortium costs and sends an accurate monthly report on all expenses due. MyEstate specifically cooperates with local or foreign tax advisors for the payments of all these bills. Mail can be sent to MyEstate address.

Property management

MyEstate handles ordinary and extraordinary house maintenance whenever needed; the customer is promptly informed of any abnormal situation.For every maintenance work MyEstate asks for different estimates and checks them out, then supervises the whole work and makes sure quality of performed  work and the billing are as agreed. MyEstate does not add unjustified figures to the final estimate, but asks a clear amount to the owner for the delivered service.

Keys service

MyEstate holds the keys of the property and is available for any need: goods delivery and check, cleaning service, technical interventions, house visits etc…

Emergency number

MyEstate can give upon request a phone number available 24/7 for any need, also connected to the alarm system of the property


MyEstate manages house cleaning, opening and closure based on owner requests. Should the owner need any other specific service, MyEstate can help in finding appropriate staff.

Purchases services

MyEstate deals with purchases of any kind on behalf of the owner, be it outdoor furniture, a flower bouquet for a special occasion or regular grocery before arrival.

Tailored services

Guests care, multilingual service (English, French, German, Italian), event organizing, boat and mooring place assistance, personal shopper, … these are some of the tailored services MyEstate can grant to its customer. Anything else should you need, we are here to help you realizing it