Pristine Maintenance

If you are a proud owner of a holiday home, you know how much work the property needs. You probably won’t be at your second home as often as your first. But that doesn’t mean the grass will stop growing, the dust will take a break from collecting, or the water heater will refrain from breaking down.

Proper care of your holiday home can be among the smartest investments and forms of insurance that you can own.

You can do everything by yourself, but you might want to consider spending your holidays in Sardegna with a carefree spirit, having  your property in a pristine condition. Imagine to reach your summer house, that you have not visited in the last 8 months, and find your fridge filled with goodies, your pool clean and your car serviced. Our job is to make everything go smoothly, run your house with utmost care, wether it is inhabited or not, all year round, and get it ready the way you like it before your arrival.