Property Management


Not sure about why you need the help of MyEstate? Here are some good points you should go through; if you check more than 2, it’s time to contact us! 

You should seriously think about MyEstate if:

  • you live far enough from Sardegna and it takes quite a journey to get to your house;
  • you are very busy and cannot find the time to check on your property as often as you want to;
  • you prefer to hire a property management company that takes care of everything while you enjoy your time in your holiday house with your family and friends;
  • you do not speak Italian and you do not want to get tangled in Italian bureaucracy;
  • you consider renting your house through a trusted agency that takes care of everything on your behalf and knows the house by heart


MyEstate gives you the possibility to choose the kind of treatment you prefer, depending on your needs and budgets. 

We can arrange a monthly forfait figure, you can pay per hour with a set hour rate or a determined percentage on the total amount of a work to be performed. 


  • We tend to be anticipatory, we care for privacy and confidentiality; we like to be friendly, invisible and available. 
  • We have good human resources know how and head off all the staff problems so that they never reach your ears unless necessary.
  • We have good experience in problem solving and show a “get it done” attitude. We are very hands on and ready to pitch in, with a refined touch.
  • We offer a knowledgeable, business-minded touch when dealing with contractors and vendors as well as when taking care of lease and tenants for you.
  • We know the area well, and we can always be of help on who to call for anything your property might need.
  •  We are capable of accessing your homes many systems for safety and efficiency.
  •  Being available for you, your family and guests 24/7. 
  •  We offer transparent communications so you are kept up to date and are in the know about everything.
  • In addition to that, we can tailor our services on every request of the customer, from fire works to laundry on-call, to a photographer to capture those moments you are just too busy enjoying.

Got a Property? Contact us to have a free tailored estimate