About us

MyEstate is an Estate Management Services Company. We combine the work of a private assistant, the commitment of a dedicated butler and the care of housekeeper altogether, with a detailed knowledge of luxury and holiday industry. Furthermore, a deep knowledge of Real Estate business in Costa Smeralda gives MyEstate extensive skills and know how to help you in every aspect of renting and selling of luxury properties in Sardinia.


Mrs Claudia Vanini, MyEstate CEO and Founder

Mrs Claudia Vanini

Claudia Vanini, MyEstate owner, is a positive and proactive person who has founded her work on respect and loyalty towards her customers. Born in Northern Italy, Lake Como area, she travelled for a long time before bringing her experience to Sardegna, where she moved and married in 2004.

She fluently speaks four languages (English, French, German and Spanish), has a natural attitude to customer satisfaction and can easily get hands-on when needed.

Claudia has always a keen attention to details and loves her job, that she started in 2007 and keeps running day after day with the same enthusiasm and determination.